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Please note the live League Tables can be found on the Canterbury & District Table Tennis League website. If you have been updating the results using this website your account details have been moved across.

We are a group of table tennis enthusiasts of all ages, some as young as 10 while others are trying to get past 80 and still be playing.

Most of our members are part of a team that plays regularly in matches in the Canterbury league, most teams also have reserve players.

Some of us play Kent league matches, (which happen about once a month). Some others play also other leagues, as well, like the Ashford league, Thanet league, etc, it depends how keen you are and how much time you widh to dedicate to the game. Some, the clever ones, go further afield and play in national tournaments

We have training session for the younger generations on Sundays from 5pm to 7.30pm, but if they want they can stay longer and join the adult playing session that starts at 7.30pm.